Mistral J. Cedanio Rojas

Users are having a hard time picking what to watch

Too many options to choose from across different platforms

We decided to design a single-platform experience that would take the user’s current circumstances and preferences into consideration in order to provide them the best curated content to watch.

We surveyed users based on their daily streaming habits.


Video Interviews

Paper Prototype – Usability Testing

Digital Prototype – Usability Testing

Users want to see refreshed options in their home feed

They want it to be easier for them to find what to watch

They don’t want to waste so much time picking

They want content that is relevant to their circumstances


24 years old

     find new content to watch quickly

     irrelevant content


51 years old

    to save time making decisions with others

    no ratings

We created a set of task scenarios and provided our users a link to the prototype

Users were satisfied and able to find what they were looking for with the parameters

It was a quick, straightforward process that reduced the search time

Users received suggestions based on what they felt like watching
at the moment

Functionality of the navigation bar

Signage on the navigation bar

Create a playlist from search results

Favorites playlist

Integrating Choose button into navigation bar

This project has really accentuated the need for user testing and surveying. I learned things from the user feedback that I would’ve never thought of on my own.

It’s important to pay attention to what the user thinks and has to say about your product in order to have a successful product.

The product is nothing without the user.